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    The world has revolutionized over the last few years and the advancements in the fields of technology and science are to be praised for that. Thanks to the numerous researches which have been conducted in these two fields, lots of innovative devices and gadgets have been created, thereby making our lives way easier than what it used to be. There are numerous things which are needed by the researchers and scientists for completing these experiments successfully and research chemicals are one of them. It is almost impossible to complete these experiments without buying research chemicals and that is why these are always in high demand and researches are always in search for these.

    DMT Dimethyltryptamine

    DMT Dimethyltryptamine

    Found in minute quantities in certain Amazonian plants and in the human brain. Smoked, the effects are nearly instantaneous and very strange. “The closest you’ll get to experiencing death bar actually dying” as one user put it.

    Dose 2-60mg
    Duration Less than 10 minutes
    Legal status Class A
    Price £100 a gram on the street


    A more powerful sister compound of DMT, occurring naturally in the venom of the Bufo alvarius toad but generally smoked in synthesised form. Not uncommon for those who take large amounts to suffer

    Dose 1-20mg (smaller than a grain of salt)
    Duration 5-20 minutes
    Legal status Class A but available to buy on the internet
    Price $175 (about £90) a gram

    2C-I (2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenethylamine)

    Most likely candidate for the coveted title “the next ecstasy”.

    Powerful psychedelic stimulant described as a cross between MDMA and LSD but with much gentler side-effects. 

    Dose 10-25mg
    Duration 5-8 hours
    Legal status Class A but available to buy on the internet
    Price $299 a gram web price; £10 a pill on the street

    2C-T-2 (2,5-dimethyoxy-4-ethylthiophenethylamine)

    Respected psychedelic, from the same phenethylamine family as MDMA and mescaline.

    Noted for its warmth and “outrageous visuals”.

    Dose 10-25mg
    Duration 5-8 hours
    Legal status Class A but available to buy on the internet
    Price $299 a gram web price; £10 a pill on the street

    To conduct a research, it is important to find the correct quality and standard of research chemicals, synthetic cannabinoids and psychedelics. If the scientists are able to use the correct amount and quality of research  chemicals, then the chances of success increase exponentially. That being said, finding those research chemicals in today’s modern world is not at all an easy task. The world is filled with unscrupulous & fraudsters and they try to make money in an unlawful manner by selling substandard chemicals.

    You must be looking for a way to avoid the scammers and if that is the case, your search ends at Genuine Chem Sales(GCS). There are numerous research chemicals for sale available over here and these individually serve different purposes of the researchers. The company is known to supply authentic and standardized chemicals to the scientists and hence, has been able to make a name for itself in the industry. Consistency and purity are two important attributes of the chemicals which are supplied by the company and thanks to the numerous years spent by GCS in the industry, it has been able to carve out a great reputation as well. Scientists from all parts of the world trust the company and that really is a big thing.

    The best part is that the scientists get these chemicals at wholesale rates. As a result, it is possible for them to save money. The company can deliver these research chemicals to anywhere in the world and hence, scientists can expect these right at their doorsteps, no matter, where in the world, they have set up their laboratories.

    There is another factor where GCS scores pretty highly and that is the security the company is able to offer during the payment transactions. All the chemicals are safely delivered to the destination as requested by the buyer and the company takes special care so that no mishap or accident takes place in the meantime. The company has years of experience when it comes to dealing with these chemicals and hence, there is no prize for guessing that the company has become a trusted name in the industry already in all these years.

    You may be from any of these countries: France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Austria, Italy, United Kingdom or The Netherlands, but finding a reliable research chemical provider can turn out to be a tricky task. Browse our website and you will easily find all the information that you are probably looking for.

    The problem of finding a place where you can buy research chemicals online which is economically viable has been a burning issue for the scientists for quite some time. However, all thanks to the webpage of ours, you can buy these at both retail and wholesale quantities. As mentioned earlier already, delivery is possible to anywhere in the world.

    Apart from that, these customers often look out for both anonymity and privacy. Just like any other commodity, they are often confused about the quality of the products they are buying. Through our website, you can be guaranteed of two things: your information will stay protected plus anonymous and you will receive the best product possible.

    Not only scientists, but many times, college students, chemists and the teachers also require these chemical products. They generally don’t find a good enough source and hence, they usually go to the black markets for finding these. However, thanks to our website, buy research chemicals or synthetic cannabinoids right through internet has become a really easy task. You will have all the different products that you may require, such as: JWH, AM-2201, 4-MEC crystals, nitracaine, THJ-2201, ab-fubinaca, a-pvt, a-pvp, akb-48, MDPV, PB-22, AM-2233, ab-pinaca, AB-CHMINACA, Ethylone, methylone, AB-FUBINACA, 2-fma, 5f-pb-22, 5f-akb-48, Dimethylone etc. You basically will get whatever you need, when it comes to the research chemicals required in modern human life.

    Let’s talk about the ordering process now. You can order the chemicals or any synthetic cannabinoids directly through the website (No matter if you are going for wholesale or for retail). Apart from that, there is an option to buy rc chemicals through email as well. The process is entirely paper free and the process can easily be stated as convenient & fast. We believe in creating long-term customer relationships and hence, we always try to provide the customers the best possible value for the price they pay.

    The percentage of the assay of our synthetic cannabinoids for sale and rc chemicals that are sold by us is at minimum 98% if not more. We try to deliver products with the highest possible quality as it is one of the most important factors when it comes to research chemicals. Remember that most of vendors are not able to provide the required purity of the rc chemicals. Not only that; but we always cooperate with producers from India, Europe and China as we have direct contacts with them. This increases the chances of fulfilling the demands of our customers. On a technical note, we know it pretty well that what we are distributing unlike other small retail shops, which are known to sell unknown synthetic cannabinoids and tracing the actual source thereby becomes a daunting task.

    Right on the website, it is possible for the customers to check what are the available synthetic cannabinoids for sale and retail. You can order these at any time, according to your convenience as we are always open. Our team can be contacted through the live chat support and not only that, but it is also possible for you to share your experience with other customers. You can get in touch through the email service as well.

    You will easily understand the payment details right from the official website and we support numerous payment methods. We pack the products and those are shipped within a single day of your order. We preserve the ordered research chemical during transportation as well and for this, we use special packages and therefore, the chances of these chemicals getting damaged, is reduced.

    We are often regarded as one of the leaders when it comes to online research chemicals vendor. Therefore, you can be assured that the transactions are completely legitimate. We have our offices in different locations and this is only for the convenience of the customers. This ensures faster delivery of the products too. Right from the official website, you can check all the available destinations and where the products can be transported.

    We always try our best to provide the best quality of chemicals and we hope that the cooperation we provide to the customers is productive and successful. We request you to visit our webpage before ordering any research chemical and you should be assured that your requirement will be fulfilled in the best possible manner.

    You should be confident when you are ordering from us. Not only that, but feel safe as well. If you are looking to get research chemicals, buy methylone, rest assured, GCS is certainly the best place.

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