Porcini Infused Olive Oil

Porcini Infused Olive Oil



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Porcini Infused Olive Oil – Magic Mushrooms Oil For Sale – Magic Mushrooms Dispensary 

Porcini this 8.4 oz bottle of porcini infused olive oil is from Sabatino Tartufi. After a lot of research, we found this to be the best that we have ever used. Imported from Italy.

Recommended Uses:

The basic ingredient is, of course, Sabatinos excellent olive oil processed according to the old traditional methods, enveloping the most intense aromas of the porcini mushroom. The Special taste of the oil gives its best with first courses or main courses.

For Starters;

I just like porcini oil to dip with crusty bread. The nutty, earthy taste is quite delicate.

Field mushrooms (cooked in olive oil), rocket and pecorino on a baguette.

Use porcini oil instead of truffle oil as a garnish.

Delicious Main Course;

Lamb steaks dusted with porcini dust, baked in the oven and then drizzled with porcini oil to give that extra mushroom burst.

Porcini oil drizzled over your favourite mushroom risotto recipe.

Porcini lasagna – béchamel sauce (milk, bay leaf, onion, cloves, butter, flour, cream or yoghurt and nutmeg) soaked porcini (or mushrooms) fried in olive oil to soften, seasoning and cooked lasagna sheets.

Try Olivo porcini olive oil over:

Mashed potato – make a little well in the top of your blob on the plate and pour in a small amount of porcini oil so that it runs through – delicious!


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