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Buy Chitwan Magic Mushrooms



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Buy Chitwan Magic Mushrooms – Chitwan Shrooms For Sale – Magic Mushrooms Dispensary 

Buy a great cubensis strain which comes from the Chitwan province of Nepal. Chitwan literally means “Heart of the Jungle” and it shows in this fast growing, medium sized cubensis. Orginally brought back from Nepal by renowned mushroom forager John Allen this cube has quickly risen to must have status among spore collectors.


Nepal chitwan fungal jungle magic mushroom trip report. After twenty-five minutes, you’re staring down at your feet in the shower. The water is warm, the plughole small. It begins to grow as the mushrooms take effect, widening and lengthening. It’s a tunnel that seems to go on forever, the edges glowing. You toe at it, wondering what could be down there. You realise your leg is being sucked in, and your entire body follows.


Chitwan in this strange dimension, shapes are shifting all around you. Sharp, geometric patterns switch and change, darting before your eyes. A mirror comes forward, bringing itself out from the background of shapes. In the mirror, you see your reflection, but something is different.


The cap is 20-70mm in size, hemispheric expanding to nearly plane with age. It’s a golden-brown colour, maturing to a light brown. There are small remnants of the universal veil when young that disappear at maturity. The flesh is yellowish white, bruising bluish green when damaged.


The gill attachment on this mushie is adnate to adnexed. Its yellow colour darkens at maturity, and remnants of the partial veil stay attached to the outer circumference of the cap.

Side Effects;

Your reflection is moving without you, it has a mind of its own. It speaks to you. It talks of the stars, the energy that fills everything in your life.

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1 Lb, 1 Ounce, 1/2 Lb, 1/4 Lb, 14 g


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